Virtual Safety Council Safety Training (CMS)

We offer site specific cloud training solutions

If hazards are present at your facility, visitors and contract personnel must complete site specific safety training before they can enter the facility. Until recently, a facility owner could choose to either conduct this training on-site, or send personnel to a third-party, regional safety council for training.

On-site training can be time consuming and inconvenient.  Who is in charge of conducting the training and testing?   Facility employees can quickly get bogged down overseeing this process.  This is largely why 3rd party safety council training has become the preferred method for conducting site-specific safety training.

Unfortunately, safety council training is not without its problems. Many councils are spread across the United States while each council is regional and not connected to each other. Facility owners generally have many locations spread out across the US and other countries.

SafetyAnywhere CMS module puts the control back in the place it belongs, the owners. Owners can update site specific training and deploy new information to contractors in a matter of minutes. Owners can manage globally what content is required at their sites instead of each site managing what content is provided to contractors.

Additionally,  extremely important data regarding contractors is now available to the owner. How many contractors are being trained at what sites, how many facility visits and for how long, all a few clicks away. This capability only exists on the SafetyAnywhere Platform.

SafetyAnywhere™ Puts Site-Specific Safety Training in the Cloud

What if you could have contractors, visitors and truck drivers complete the required site-specific safety training for your facilities from anywhere, at any time?  SafetyAnywhere’s Virtual Safety Council module (CMS)  makes this dream a reality!

Our cloud-based safety training software makes it possible for  contractors to complete OSHA required  site specific training much faster, keeping your facility operating smoothly with less downtime for training.

As a facility owner, you can customize each facility’s site specific training within SafetyAnywhere.  You have so many options to assemble your training programs:

  • Upload existing training materials (Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, or image files)
  • Use the system’s built-in authoring tools to create new training courses
  • Import third-party training materials (SCORM or AICC formats)
  • Customize any of the 400+ common industrial EHS training courses in SafetyAnywhere’s built-in library to fit your organization.
  • Even better we will create a comprehensive site specific orientation for each site at no cost!
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SafetyAnywhere™ puts you in control. You have the capability to upload training materials in English or one of 12 other languages.  SafetyAnywhere™ can be your global site safety training solution!

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Simplify Site-Specific Safety Training

SafetyAnywhere truly does simplify site safety training for facility owners and their contractors.  As a facility owner, when you select SafetyAnywhere for your company’s site specific safety training, all you have to do is work with SafetyAnywhere to develop your site specific safety training for your facilities. We will assist you in granting your contract companies access and assign a contractor administrator. That’s it!

Rather than paying for training at all those 3rd party safety councils, your contractors just pay for each site-specific training needed prior to entering your facilities, from anywhere at anytime!

Digital Contractor Badging

Another benefit of SafetyAnywhere’s cloud-based site specific training is our contractor badging.  Log in to SafetyAnywhere to check the training status of individuals who need access to your facility.  Our mobil app gives your security team the ability to scan each contractor's digital badge and verify their training status anywhere, at any time. If they have completed all the required site specific training courses, you know it’s ok to allow them access into the facility. If not, they can complete the course right there from any device.

If your site specific training needs to be updated due to an MOC, updates can be rolled out the same day and all contractors can be trained to any new hazards immediately prior to entering your facilities. This capability only exists on the SafetyAnywhere Platform.

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See SafetyAnywhere™ in action!

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