Action Tracking (ACT)

Why Action Tracking?

Manage your organization’s projects and keep tabs on critical incidents, complaints, audits, and other key occurrences within one system.  SafetyAnywhere’s Action Tracking System digitizes anything that must be documented and tracked, effectively replacing your need for completing and managing paper forms!

Our action and incident management system helps managers prioritize actions, assign jobs and monitor deadlines, and it provides real-time performance reporting so management can keep abreast of a facility’s safety.

Corrective & Preventive Action Tracking Software

SafetyAnywhere’s Action Tracking System allows companies to document the activities performed in facilities to manage risk and document measures taken to maintain OSHA and EPA regulatory compliance.  Assign corrective actions and compliance tasks to the right personnel and track their progress to completion from any location, at any time.

Use SafetyAnywhere’s action management system to

  • Manage Incident & accident Investigations
  • Audits
  • Risk assessments
  • Customer Complaints
  • Processes
  • Employee Suggestions
  • Engineering & Maintenance Projects
  • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)
  • Non-conformance Reports
  • Safety Observations & Inspection
Confident mature female maintenance engineer examining car at factory. Blond manager is checking vehicle at automobile industry. She is wearing reflective clothing.

You can buy the ACT action tracking management system alone or as part of the complete SafetyAnywhere product suite.  View a demo of SafetyAnywhere (link) or contact us for more information.


SafetyAnywhere™’s ACT Workflow

Whether you are documenting a safety incident, a customer complaint, or a routine action item, SafetyAnywhere’s ACT action management workflow walks you through the process from event initiation through any needed investigation, on to approvals, work, and verification steps then on to completion and close out.   Upon completion, the event is marked as completed.  Digital records are maintained on all completed ACTs for audit and tracking purposes so you will never have to scramble for documentation.

See SafetyAnywhere™ in action!

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