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Track Contractor Entries/Exits at Your Facilities from Anywhere

Safety Council Training Conducted Anywhere, on Any Device, at Any Time

Immediately Update Site-Specific Contractor Training When a New Hazard is Added

SafetyAnywhere™ is a Complete Cloud-Based EHS Software Solution

If a new hazard is added to a facility though an MOC, the contractors’ site-specific training for that facility becomes invalid.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of your contractors still hold an orientation badge that allows them access to your facility for up to one year. Until now this unsafe  practice was the only method.

How do you currently ensure your contractors understand the hazards they could potentially encounter?

SafetyAnywhere™ is the solution.  Our CMS module allows facility owners to update site-specific training and deploy new information to contractors in a matter of minutes. Now, owners can view and manage each facility’s required content needs from anywhere, at any time and view contractor personnel’s site-specific training status for each facility in real time.  When a new hazard is added, instantly see which contractors need updated site-specific training.

How many contractors pass though your facility? Until now this has been a difficult number to account for. With SafetyAnywhere, each visit is recorded and you the owner have this valuable data at your fingertips.

Why Switch to SafetyAnywhere’s Virtual Safety Council?

SafetyAnywhere provides safety training and site-specific job safety orientations to contractors in oil & gas and other industries via a global cloud-based platform.  This solution allows owner company users to efficiently manage and control their contractors’ orientation and access to their facilities.

SafetyAnywhere is leading the way in developing innovative and advanced solutions for owner companies and contractors in the new world of technology.  The Virtual Safety Council  makes site-specific orientation easier for both owner companies and contractors while saving time, saving money, and ensuring greater safety in the workplace.

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Key Features of SafetyAnywhere’s Virtual Safety Council

Owners can:

  • Assign training or notices to their contractors.
  • Directly control training content and testing.
  • Easily verify individual contractors’ training records.
  • Audit contractor company for regulatory compliance.

Contractors can:

  • Take required site-specific training from any smart mobile device, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Recover the time lost traveling to brick-and-mortar facilities for their site-specific training.
  • Assign and schedule their employees without the need for a brick-and-mortar facility.
  • Complete training when it is convenient for them—24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Compare our Virtual Safety Council to Regional Brick-and-Mortar Safety Councils

SafetyAnywhere™ Virtual Safety Council

  • No membership fees - no cost to the owner
  • Register & assign training at any time
  • Training/orientation available 24/7
  • Instantly verify completion /view records via the cloud
  • Easily notify entire contractor workforce when reorientation is required
  • Orientation/training can be assigned and completed onsite

Brick-and-Mortar Safety Council

  • Student must purchase an annual membership
  • 24-hour advance registration required
  • Safety Council chooses class times
  • Owner must manually identify & notify those who need reorientation 
  • Owner must maintain training records on person for each site
  • Student misses a full day’s work, plus travel time

See SafetyAnywhere™ in action!

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