Learning Management System

Why the Learning Management System?

Training personnel is a never ending process that can put a big drain on a company’s most valuable resource: it’s people and their available time.  SafetyAnywhere’s convenient training and tracking software helps to ease this burden by making training easier and more convenient.  Our online learning system makes training resources readily available to whomever you choose, whenever and wherever they choose.  All that they need is an Internet connection and the device of their choice.

With SafetyAnywhere’s online safety training program, you can create, assign, and track online and offline training for whomever you choose, whichever works best for your facility.

Online Safety Training Software Replaces Virtual Safety Council

We all know time is money.  It’s time consuming, inconvenient, and expensive for contractor personnel to travel to and complete safety orientation training at a third-party safety council location each time they must visit a new facility.  As you know, this often requires numerous tedious, expensive, time-consuming trips to different locations for multiple worksite orientation training classes. Now, SafetyAnywhere’s learning management system does away with this cumbersome and expensive process!

When you use SafetyAnywhere’s LMS safety management system, you can streamline your contractor site orientation process exponentially!  Just upload your existing worksite safety orientation training course, and your site safety orientation can be completed by contractor personnel anywhere, at any time!  Your contractor buys their own SafetyAnywhere LMS module, so they monitor their workers’ training status and licensing. You control which locations and training courses each contractor can access.

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Why Choose SafetyAnywhere™’s Safety Training Software?

SafetyAnywhere’s powerful features help you get up and running fast! With our cloud-based training software you can incorporate existing materials, use our library, create new courses, and add others from third-party publishers!

  • Upload your existing training materials in Word, PowerPoint, PDF, HTML, or image files
  • Create new courses using the system’s built-in authoring tools
  • Import third-party training materials in SCORM or AICC formats
  • Access the built-in course library that contains over 400 courses on common industrial EHS training topics. Customize these courses to your organization.
  • Upload training materials in other languages if desired
  • System instructions available in English plus 12 additional languages

More about SafetyAnywhere™’s Built-in Course Library

When you choose the Safety First learning management system, you can leverage over 400 courses covering common industrial training topics.  These courses contain embedded questions to check the learner’s retention.

  • OSHA-10 series
  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Five-minute safety lessons
  • Chemical and material hazards
  • Common technical processes
  • Legal compliance

Benefits of SafetyAnywhere™’s Learning Management System

  • Customize your training system to create different access levels based on user and department.
  • Create and monitor training progress across all personnel and locations.
  • No more keeping track of training materials and videos--it’s all in the cloud!
  • Save time developing materials by customizing courses from our built-in course library or importing existing training materials.

See SafetyAnywhere™ in action!

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